Welcome to the Munich Dogschool

Our goal is to help you to learn to understand and communicate with your dog. With proper training, the relationship you can achieve is one of companionship and connection, affection, trust, harmony and mutual respect.

We believe training is a journey, where we help you and your dog achieve the results you want, together. It’s also an opportunity for bonding and should be a very rewarding experience for both of you.

To accomplish great things with our dogs, we need to be their guides; we must not only guide them to live in a human world, but allow them to be a dog; not only train and exercise, but understand, listen and communicate so our dog has success. We spend far too much time focusing on what our dog’s do wrong, when we should be focusing and rewarding what they do right, so that becomes the norm.

In addition to obedience training, we can help you prevent and resolve any behavior problems that your dog may have.

I’ve worked with people and their pet dogs for 15 years. In addition, I trained dogs on movie sets and magazines shoots using the marker and clicker method. I am also a mentor trainer for ABTA (American Behavior and Training Association) which helps dog trainers start their careers.

My true passion, however, has always been working with family dogs of all ages and breeds.

My sensitivity to your dog’s personality and temperament, along with positive motivational training methods that I use, will help you and your dog share a happy and obedient life together!

My training school in Los Angeles was called SITand STAY and all my american friends and clients called me Billie

For my overseas clients: Skype e-training lessons are available.


Hi Everybody,

I also have worked with Sybille Wells (Cattledog – Munich Dog School, formerly Sit and Stay). Hands down I find her the best trainer I’ve ever worked with – and I’ve worked with a few. Sybille’s method is completely different – it respects both the dog and the owner and the results are both huge and long lasting. But the other thing I want to add here is that Sybille is an INVALUABLE resource on all things dog – food, supplements, sources/providers. When I moved from the US she immediately helped me get set up with the right food, etc. She’s much more than a dog trainer – I say contact her with any questions you have about your dogs (and she can even work with you on Skype) – you’ll be very grateful you did!

Bonnie Buckner Ph.D, Los Angeles – Montpellier