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Munich Dog School

"the" mobile dog school in Munich

Training in German and English


Sybille Wells

My name is Sybille Wells and after 30 years in Los Angeles, I am now back in my hometown Munich.
My dog school in the USA called SitandStay was a lot of fun and I may say was also very successful.
Besides obedience, my dogs and I did a lot of agility in AKC, NADAC, and ASCA.
I am looking forward to working with the "Munich" dogs!
I come to you at flexible times to create a healthy basis for trust between you and your dog with specific exercises that can be easily integrated into everyday life.

  • stress-free for you and your dog in familiar surroundings

  • individual appointment arrangement

  • problems can be solved specifically on-site

  • all family members can participate in the training

Thank you very much for your visit to my site and I hope you will come by again soon.



To maintain harmony and mutual respect.

My goal is to help you to understand and communicate with your dog. With proper training, the relationship you can achieve is one of companionship and connection, affection, trust, harmony, and mutual respect.

In addition to obedience training, I can help you prevent and resolve any behavior problems that your dog may have. Some of these behavioral problems included dogs biting their owners, child aggressive, unwanted hunting behavior (chasing wild animals in the forest), and resistant to house training. Have an older dog? No problem, it really is true that you can always train an old dog new tricks.


problems can be solved specifically on-site

stress-free for you and your dog in familiar surroundings

all family members can participate in the training


I have been living in Munich for 1.5 years and still feel more comfortable to communicate in English. When i got my 8 weeks old Australian Shepherd - Magyar Viszla mix puppy i knew that i needed a good trainer. That is when i found Sybille online as an English speaking trainer. Sybille's agility training background, almost 30 years long LA experience and most importantly stress-free, communication-first philosophy attracted my attention. It has been 5 months since we started training. We are having both group and individual classes. As an inexperienced dog owner i can proudly say that my dog is happy, social, obedient and active. I mainly recognized that there is not a single way of training a dog and i need to train myself to communicate with my dog and understand her character and ways. Thank you Sybille for enabling that and all the cool stories! I am learning a lot from you.

Laura & Deniz with Kori

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